Disruptive marketing in FinTech: the importance of good content


You’re busy disrupting finance, but is your FinTech content disruptive enough?


FinTech content marketing - an effective growth strategy

Digital Marketing, Content marketing, Fintech

Content marketing is a dynamic process, but done correctly it can seriously accelerate your marketing efforts.


How to implement marketing automation successfully

Inbound marketing

Creating and implementing a marketing automation strategy requires planning and investment, but the benefits are clear.

From helping teams work more efficiently to having a much clearer picture of how and when your customers and prospects interact with your business, shortening sales cycles and increasing average deal size.

Many of the benefits are tangible and have a positive impact on the bottom line.

There are some key areas to consider with marketing automation that should form part of your strategy.


Digital marketing for financial services - 4 trends to watch in 2019

Financial Services

Advancing technology, consumer demand and innovative startups have all played major roles in disrupting the financial services sector and placed added pressure on long-established companies to evolve. 

Digital marketing for financial services firms in 2019 needs to be more sophisticated than ever.

We've outlined what we believe to be four core opportunities for marketers responsible for digital marketing in financial services organisations. 


Online chat is now commonplace for financial services businesses in providing customer support.

This is not surprising given a staggering 42% of customers now prefer live chat to email or social media support.  


6 reasons why FinTech marketing leaders should outsource digital marketing

Digital Marketing, Inbound marketing, Fintech

FinTech marketing leaders are under pressure to achieve strong growth whilst maintaining a low cost base to meet the demands of investors and shareholders.

Knowing which skills you should hire and which skills you should outsource plays a key role in keeping costs under control.


Choosing a paid search agency – attributes and attitudes to look for

Digital Marketing, Paid search

Whether you’re looking to outsource your paid search for the first time or you want to switch agency partners, we’ve highlighted a few key considerations to help with your search for the right fit.

Google certification

Google’s advice to buyers looking for a paid search agency is “look for the badge”.

“The badge recognises companies that excel with Google’s products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy and they use Google best practices.”— Google


Black Friday 2018: How eCommerce retailers can maximise sales

Digital Marketing, Paid search

Whilst customary in the US, Black Friday is newer to the UK market but is gaining momentum fast. This year it falls on Friday 25th November so there's still time to plan out an e-commerce strategy to compete for your slice of the £1.39bn spent (2017 sales figures).


5 Digital marketing metrics every Fintech company should be measuring

Digital Marketing, Inbound marketing, Fintech

Fintech companies, arguably more than most, are incredibly data-driven. Continuously monitoring key marketing metrics is vital not only for customer experience but for making sure business goals are being met.

Looking beyond the abundance of vanity metrics and lengthy reports allows Fintech marketing teams to focus on the core KPIs that will help drive decisions on digital marketing strategy.


Digital marketing for financial services: a new approach to lead generation

Digital Marketing, Inbound marketing, Fintech

Concerns about privacy and legacy tech have meant the financial services sector has been somewhat slow to embrace digital transformation.

According to a Forbes Insights report, 71% of financial executives believe financial services companies are failing to use technology to transform customer relationships, experiences and strategies.


A digital trends survey by Econsultancy and Adobe paints a similar picture – just 55% of companies say they have the processes in place to ensure strategy is carried out effectively, a few percent less than the previous year (57%).


Digital Marketing for Higher Education: 5 trends to embrace to supercharge applications

Digital Marketing, Inbound marketing, Higher Education

University admissions are down across the board. According to UCAS in 2017 University applications dropped by 5%. It has also been reported by The Guardian  that there is likely to be a 2% decline in 2018. As a result, higher education providers need to become more switched on with their marketing and embrace the latest digital trends to stay ahead of the competition. We look at some of the key digital marketing trends and how higher education providers can embrace them to supercharge new applications.