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The first Panda update in 10 months from Google (4.2) has been announced this week. Though there is little detail directly from Google, they have said it will affect 2% - 3% of searches, or 700 million search queries per day.  

Rewarding Quality Content

Businesses who saw rankings and organic traffic drop following Panda 4.1 and upped their production of quality content should see further improvement in rankings following 4.2.

Panda 4.1 focused on downgrading low quality 'thin' content and link-bait and the latest algorithm update is likely to build on this prioritisation of great content.

Slow Roll-Out

Whilst the previous Panda update (4.1) will have affected many businesses almost overnight, Google say this latest update will be rolled out fully over a period of a few months.

Take Action

Businesses should check rankings and keep an eye on organic search traffic over the coming weeks. Sites with a focus on good quality content will likely see an improvement over time. This is another reminder from Google that content planning and production is closely linked to success with search engines. 

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