Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses so many things. There's SEO, paid search, social media, email marketing, content marketing, the list goes on. 

Working in such an expansive and fast-paced industry brings with it a multitude of challenges.

It can also be a lonely place, explaining acronyms to your non-marketer colleagues who quite honestly don't understand (or want to) what you do all day. Are you technical? Are you creative? Or both? Do you even know?

We've put together 9 GIFs that illustrate some of the challenges as well as some wins that us digital marketers face from time-to-time. 

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1. When you have the best, most innovative idea for a campaign and your boss says there’s no budget


We've all been here. Let's face it, many businesses (even large companies) don't have the marketing budgets they used to. This means marketers have to be seriously creative to come up with new ideas for low-risk activities that will deliver ROI. 

And sometimes you feel like you've struck gold with an idea...and your boss still says "no" #sadface.

2. Joining ‘live’ webinars that are clearly pre-recorded

You know, the ones with the fake questions from 'Barbara in Tennessee'.

You ask a question and no-one replies and you slowly realise it's just you...alone...on the call. You start questioning everything: the number of people on the call, is that even real? When is the sales pitch going to kick in? And as soon as it does, you hang up.

3. When you receive a marketing email with no unsubscribe link

Gasp...this never fails to get your goat. You start typing an angry, Data Protection Act-informed email to the company. Then you realise life is too short. Sometimes you feel like the anti-spam police but that's ok because you know customers should have a choice about how cluttered their inbox becomes. 

4. When a pop-up appears the moment you land on a website

Argh! We all hate this. What is it with companies jumping in with a pop-up box the moment an unsuspecting visitor lands on the site? Pop-ups can be great for collecting data. A good pop-up appears when it's least disturbing, not when a visitor first enters the site.

5. Your blog post makes it to the top of Google

You've done the keyword research, you spent ages planning before you even typed a word, you got some social engagement and for once (and who really knows why?!) your blog made it to position one in Google's organic search results for that super-hot search term you've been after for ages. Who knows how long it will stay there, you don't care, you're just going to bask in this glory for a while...mmm...nice.

6. You decided to specialise in social media in 2006

Back then, people thought you were a bit out there (crazy) and also probably a bit of a cool geek. Whether you had an accurate crystal ball or just decided to do something new that you enjoyed, it paid off. Well done you. 

7. When a website doesn’t render on mobile in 2017

 Every year was going to be the 'year of mobile' as though all desktops around the world would explode. What is clear is that mobile usage has been on an upward trajectory and the numbers for mobile usage are too large to ignore. 

8. When a client's 301 redirects all point to the homepage

This is really the 101 of SEO for a website migration. You shouldn't even think about that DNS switch until you've implemented logical redirects. This redirection ensures any existing links out there don't become broken and actually deliver the visitor to the newer version of the same page. Simple stuff, often overlooked.  

9. When your colleague agrees to send the Friday newsletter

You know it should take less than an hour to set up the email newsletter send, but you're waiting for Jon to sign off the design, Amy to approve the copy and your ESP just loves to run updates at the most inconvenient moments. Realistically that email isn't going out until at least 6:30pm, by which point you'll be in the pub.